Park Art references Precision Trolling App Line Diameter

Precision Trolling App Line Diameter

Precision Trolling App Line Diameter

If you have equal rated braid vs mono (in lbs), the braid will allow the lure to run deeper. What types of line are in the app?

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Fireline 10# is only.008 so it will go deeper, you're closer with the curve you've been using.

Precision trolling app line diameter. It seemed a bit too shallow to me, as well, compared to what the box says. The data available in the precision trolling apps cuts to the chase and allows anglers to control lead length, line diameter and trolling speed in such a way they can literally “aim” their favorite lures at fish! Our goal is to create the most accurate, comprehensive, and useful trolling app on the market.

I run the sunline 16lb green mono and so far i seem to like it its the exact same diameter as the berkley xt in the precision app Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information. But the precision trolling phone app actually says 10 feet down with 130 ft of braided line.

Anglers who purchase the app data can use it at no additional cost on any or all of these. There is one thing that maybe often overlooked the amount of line on the line counter reel. Precision trolling data, llc is an independent company that documents the diving depth of popular fishing lures such as crankbaits and also common trolling hardware such as diving planers and also sinking lines like lead core.

If you do much trolling, the precision trolling app is based on 10 lb xt. Precision trolling data, llc june 12 at 4:49 am · if you ever wondered how line diameter influences on the trolling depth of lures and hardware, this simple illustration does a good job of explaining the dynamics involved. Soon a “crappie version” of precision trolling.

Believe it or not, that's actually what the app says. I have since switched to 16 lb sunline super natural. With the help of the precision trolling dive curves, an angler can literally aim lures at target depths or fish marks on the sonar screen.

Line diameter plays a key role in determining the depth your baits will run. See more of precision trolling data, llc on facebook. Precision trolling is a method of fishing that allows anglers to accurately predict the running depths of their favorite lures and diving devices!

Since your difference in fireline vs #20 suffix is.001, in comparison that is 16.6% of the difference between berkley fireline and berkley mono. Hundreds of anglers have already signed on and are enjoying dive curve data for 182 different lures and trolling devices on either their iphone, ipod or ipad device. The app currently has monofilament (8 to 250 lb), braid (8 to 250 lb) and leadcore (12 to 45 lb) about us.

One of the most critical parts of trolling cranks is the line you use. The data is sold several ways, including individual lures, versions, and also lifetime package. Berkley fire to mono conversion is then.006.

It too is the same diameter as 10 lb xt. The android apps works offline so take it anywhere! The much anticipated precision trolling data, iphone app was released in october of 2013.

In effect, a line conversion chart would be little more than “ball parking” the diving depth and here at precision trolling data we strive to provide the most accurate data possible. By manipulating lead length anglers can easily “aim” their favorite fishing lures at specific depths, accurately target fish they are. These days precision trolling is no longer in print, but the data is available to anglers via the precision trolling app, so fishermen can get the data right on their phones.

The precision trolling data phone app is the ideal tool for determining how deep popular crankbaits and diving devices will fish on various lead lengths and line diameters. See more of precision trolling data, llc on facebook. This is a simple online version of the android app.

I can tell you that for every line diameter you go up or down, the amount of influence on the maximum diving depth of a typical lure is less than two feet. I too used to use 12 lb big game because it is same diameter of 10 lb xt. Precision trolling data uses highly trained scuba divers and sophisticated scuba techniques to actually observe lures and trolling gear as they are functioning.

Pretty much every lure or bait as dive curve based on specific data gathered, a great tool for dive curves is the precision trolling app, it’s a pretty slick deal the folks precision trolling have taken the time to map this data out for easy reference. The precision trolling apps are widely considered the authority regarding the trolling depths of popular crankbaits, sinking lines, diving planers and other trolling hardware. Known simply as the “troller’s bible”, the ptd apps and dive curve stickers provide anglers the information they need to get the most from their favorite trolling lures and gear.

This comprehensive app contains more than 850 dive curves for popular lures and trolling hardware. Yes there is a conversion for fireline, i think it runs about 25% deeper. But in my experience of trolling for walleye all over the country, in all types of conditions, the answer is yes!

The new jig trolling data available from precision trolling data can be purchased directly from the apple app store or the google play store. However, suffix #20 is still only.009. The mono equivelant #10 on troll data is.014 diameter.

Nearly every lure has been tested on 10 lb mono and 10 lb braid. To answer you’re original question if braid is a heavier line the answer is generally no. One of the concepts that came out of the use of the precision trolling book was that changing line type and/or diameter of the line being used could affect the running depth of a lure.

Suffix #10 is.008 diameter as is fireline #10.

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